Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have questions about what "I'll Be Frank" is and can provide for
your party or event, please see some answers to frequent questions
below, or call 1-888-64-MYWAY for immediate help.

Performance/Booking Questions...
If you're unsure about what exactly "I'll Be Frank" can provide for your event or party, it's really quite simple: "I'll Be Frank" is the very best of Sinatra's music sung live, as close to the style of Frank Sinatra as possible, by vocalist Jonni Drue!

An "I'll Be Frank" price schedule can be obtained simply by emailing Jonni and requesting one! Since there are many factors involved in determining the fee for your specific event, it is necessary to provide some basic information about the type of event or party you are planning. If you have other questions, please call Jonni at 1-888-64-MYWAY to discuss at your convenience.

Yes. Jonni can perform his tribute to "Frank" anywhere in the USA! If your event is located more than 100 miles from the vicinity of Central New Jersey, it is best to discuss travel details with Jonni before booking the date. Please call 1-888-64-MYWAY to make arrangements in advance.

Absolutely! Jonni will coordinate with your DJ and work out all the details. In most cases, if you've hired a professional DJ for your event, Jonni can walk in with his tracks on CD and use the DJs mic and sound system. Just provide your DJs contact information when filling out the booking form, and Jonni will take care of everything!

Sometimes. If your event is booked more than 3 months in advance, a 30% deposit ($100 minimum) is required to hold your date. If, however, your event date is coming up soon and Jonni is available, a deposit is usually not required. For all bookings, full payment is due on the date of a scheduled performance.

Equipment Needs...
No! Jonni will bring the proper sound system equipment for the room size and audience for your event. If you don't know what size room your event will be in, don't worry, Jonni will contact the banquet manager or restaurant to coordinate everything!

Other Entertainment Services...
Yes! I'll Be Frank is affiliated with several entertainment agencies, so if your event requires a full afternoon/evening/night of entertainment, "I'll Be Frank" can coordinate with live piano accompaniment, a full band, or with a professional Disc Jockey to cover your entire event. Just call 1-888-64-MYWAY to discuss your entertainment needs.

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